Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

  • RT Today on @RadioRiel it’s The Light Programme, music by Ronnie Binge born 100yrs ago last week [Wonderful, soothing] #
  • #moviesthatnevergetold The Breakfast Club, Some Like it Hot #
  • @ElrikMerlin No worries. Automagically cross-posted to Facebook too – I always hope that will bring in some listeners. in reply to ElrikMerlin #
  • A treat on any day – @radioriel is currently playing ‘Sailing By’. #
  • Splitting headache, too hot to sleep… double happy joy joy. #
  • My view on BBC cuts: if whole economy is being cut it can’t be exempt. But no cuts on ideological grounds or to favour commercial rivals. #
  • RT @neilhimself If you were at the Latitude Festival, the police need information, a girl was raped: (RT this please) #
  • #ebz Cat-chasing is more popular than ever in some quarters of the city, but the Duchess has let it be… #
  • Arrgh. Non-specific decrepitude is rapidly concentrating itself into a pulled back muscle. A week of hobbling like an old man awaits. #
  • France World Cup squad suspended for Norway game [Got French blood? Grab your boots & head over, you might get a game] #
  • @Bakers_12 Congratulations, good luck and have a great day! #
  • Very quiet day yesterday. Rested strained back, watched F1 quali & @plowey qualify 3rd in Edmonton. Just spent hour on allotment. Bliss. #

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