Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-01

  • #ebz A postcard from Fallen London: #
  • @AwesomeAudrey Best of luck with it! in reply to AwesomeAudrey #
  • @girlonetrack Thanks so much (genuinely) for posting that brilliant Madness link – all work has stopped here to watch! in reply to girlonetrack #
  • @girlonetrack Got to admit, back then I was a) a couple of years too young and b) into the Human League so I missed it first time round. in reply to girlonetrack #
  • @girlonetrack Youth is wasted on the young, isn’t it? in reply to girlonetrack #
  • @girlonetrack Did you ever catch their 2001 album Secrets? Bombed cos label collapsed. If you didn’t you’re in for a treat. Best since Dare. in reply to girlonetrack #
  • Something very groovy (& expensive) from a former client: amazing special edition Japanese lacquered scanners #
  • Just walked 4.5miles to feed parents’ cat and the ungrateful mare wasn’t even there… #
  • Going to a neighbour’s garage sale in a few minutes. It’s hissing with rain… hope it really is ‘garage’ not garden/drive. #
  • Ah crap. It’s tomorrow. BREAKFATS TIME! #
  • @MenaceF1 Start was shambles. Sam was on pole but had to start from pitlane. Head-on lap 1 crash Bianchi/Tung redflagged race acheter cialis discount france. in reply to MenaceF1 #
  • @MenaceF1 So far it’s the sort of race that gives the sport a bad name – not the 3 Stooges but the 24. in reply to MenaceF1 #
  • @MenaceF1 There were at least 2 false starts and I suspect his engine cooked. Not sure everyone uninjured but not aware of anything too bad. in reply to MenaceF1 #
  • Having a thoroughly dismal day #
  • Five Websites That Will Make You A Better, Smarter Geek | #
  • The garage sale I thought was yesterday & turned out to be today? Went, returned triumphant with two gorgeous cushions. Hunter-gatherer me! #
  • RT @arsenehodali and on the 3rd day God finished creating Earth & it looked fantastic and worked really well. And then he checked it in IE. #
  • BBC News – Twenty films that make men cry [Truly Madly Deeply for me too. Also Brief Encounter &, oddly, King Ralph.] #

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