Upside down and sideways

So last night was a bit of a problem – the drive in was quite bloody, solid traffic for the last few miles and the whole trip took about an hour and a half. Thought I was okay once I was there, but pretty soon started feeling dizzy and sick again, and had to lie on the office floor for half an hour. Was convinced I would be trapped there – too sick to drive home. Fortunately, by about 11pm I was functional again, although working very slowly. Finally finished at about 3.30am and was in bed by five. Slept the sleep of the dead until noon and don't feel too bad today. But then, I didn't feel too bad yesterday either.

Have been continuing the ongoing project of sorting out years' worth of paperwork built up during past abortive attempts at setting up a small business, and during a decade heavily involved in politics. Nine out of the ten box files that came with the Viking Direct order are now full and squeezed onto shelves, a monster pile of recycling has built up, and I have a sizeable collection of stuff to pass on to my successor as Parliamentary candidate. It's been odd, but strangely liberating, to be so ruthless with so much that was kept because of the possibility it might come in useful one day, or because I was too scared of the consequences of throwing it away. I've always subscribed to the idea that information is power, but one way I've done that is to hoard all sorts of documents, guides, briefings, information packs and publications that have never been looked at from the moment they went on a shelf. Goodbye to all of that!