Why are vegetables always so damn pornographic-looking?

We might not be carrying on with the allotment next year, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to let the stuff that’s already in the ground wither and die.

So we went over there this evening, and came back with three gherkiny-cucumbery things, a squash and a curiously-shaped tomato (actually, two ordinary ones fused together).

And here they are: we call it Still life with squash.

Allotment vegetables
Allotment vegetables

Earlier, we took a look at the Spitfire in the hope of figuring out what was wrong. Much coolant squirted everywhere and we concluded that whatever was actually wrong, it’s pretty spectacular. So it’s off to Chiswick Car Craft again.

Once the day had cooled a little we spent a couple of hours at Painshill Park, which is a fine place with a crystal grotto but which has mixed memories dating back to my unhappy stint on the local paper in the area. They grow their own grapes there and make wine. We brought back a couple of bottles.