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Things that won’t fit in anywhere else

  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete

    I've often wondered what the effect would be on the Earth if the human race winked out of existance overnight: I always figured the nuclear power stations would be where the trouble lay.

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  • Blimey

    I have a feeling there's more to this story from the BBC than meets the eye at the moment.

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  • Oh Button where art thou?

    The curse of the Formula One commentator strikes again – the British Grand Prix is running at the moment and Jenson Button, the Tim Henman of F1, was steaming his way up through the field following a poor qualifying performance.

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  • A little bit of toast

    I am in the grip of a glorious and magnificent obsession, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. We live in a rented, furnished flat, so handy household good such as the microwave, the kettle and the toaster came with it. Not unreasonably, many of them are pretty much at the bottom end of the…

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  • End of week

    Funny how the end of the working week doesn't seem such a big deal when you work in more than one place for more than one client… spread your time around a bit and the five days before don't drag as much.

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