The tyranny of football

Saturday, December 4th, 2004

The BBC has just abandoned screening a gripping veterens' tennis semi-final between Jim Courier and John McEnroe, in which McEnroe was refusing to be steamrollered despite being older, less match fit and the overwhelming underdog, in order to yaffle about soccer.

Sure, if you've got digital TV you can switch over for the rest of the tennis. But we haven't got it. And nor have a lot of other people.

And it's not anything particular in the soccer world either, no huge great story, just updates from matches the Beeb doesn't even have the broadcasting rights to screen clips from. I know football is king of sports in this country, but hey – priorities? McEnroe had just taken the lead in the second set, having narrowly lost the first. Which is better telly?

Honestly folks – soccer – it's really not that important.

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